Map Wipe on 10/1, BP Wipe was on 9/3, Server is No Decay, Following FacePunch Monthly Wipe Cycle! 

No Tolerance for Toxicity, No Racism, No Zergs, Play Fair, Play Nice. Next Map Wipe 11/5 – Next BP wipe is December

  • The Map size is 3500

  • Max Team Size is now 4

  • The Ocean water level is Normal

  • 2 Public Moderators on Duty

  • 1 Secret Moderators on Duty

  • Daily restart will be at 4am PST.


Server settings change to PVE from 3am to 9am daily (this will limit the number of offline raids)

Max Team size is now 4 

(Larger groups raiding a bunch of solo/duo players, be prepared to be attacked by multiple patrol helicopters)

When raiding it is now against server rules to move the location of TC or to wall it off.

“Stealing a players large base is prohibited. (Bases under 9 foundation tiles are considered small)”

“Building a raid base near another base is not protected by the 9 foundation tiles limit”

"Do not raid more than 5 bases per day, this limit is in place to maintain server population"

"Do not grief bases"

“Breaking these or any other rules may receive a ban, length of time is at admins discretion.

Tips of the Day!

Use airlocks for entrances and exits. 
Have more than one way to exit your base.
Be Sure to log out in a safe location
Zig-Zag, don't become a easy target.
Have multiple sleeping bag locations

Put TC in honeycomb with Sleeping bags

"Abandoned bases with no cupboard and unsecured structures without loot or bag will be at risk of being wiped if they have been inactive more than a week. This is to improve the Server performance."


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