Server settings change to PVE from 4am to 9am daily (this will limit the number of offline raids)

(Large groups raiding a bunch of solo players, be prepared to be attacked by multiple patrol helicopters)

When raiding it is now against server rules to move the location of TC or to wall it off.

“Stealing a players large base is prohibited. (Bases under 9 foundation tiles are considered small)”

“Building a raid base near another base is not protected by the 9 foundation tiles limit”

"Do not raid more than 3 bases per day, this limit is in place to maintain server population"

"Do not grief bases"

“Breaking these or any other rules may receive a temporary ban, length of time is at admins discretion.”

Daily Max Raids = 3 (Going over this limit will result in a 3 month ban.)

Offline raids are cancer (Players will receive penalty points, excessive penalty points will result in a multiple month ban) Solo players will receive less penalty points than groups/teams.


Team Limit = 4 (This is a game setting)

Team Rule = (Only 4 players can have spawns in a base)

(Players will receive penalty points for violating this rule)




No Tolerance for Toxicity, No Zergs, Play Fair, Play Nice.


Pen Island defines a Zerg as a group equal to 9 or more players participating in a raid.

Leaders of groups will receive a month ban for violating this rule, other players will receive penalty points.

Example 1: 9 or more players actively Raiding a base.

Example 2: 8+ players farm for resources to raid while only a few of them raid is still a form of Zerging.

"alliances that violate this rule risk being punished"

Example 3: Raiding more than 5 bases in a single day is also a form of Zerging.


Bases will be limited to no more than 4 players, “The public hotel ran by server mod/admin is excluded


The definition of Toxicity on Pen Island:

Any directed threats beyond Rust gameplay on Pen Island

Any threats directed at Servers. Example: Threatening to ddos the server”

Any attempt to disrupt civil dialog in chat. Server chat is for the community and not Trolls.

Anyone attempting to redirect players off the server.

Door camping more than a hour.

Repeated griefing of other players bases.



Base griefers and large groups preying on solo players will get the Admin or Moderators attention. Admin or Moderators have the discretion to fix grieved bases.


Toxic players that change names will be automatically identified every time they log onto the server.


Anyone repeatedly joining server just to trash talk about server or its players then disconnecting, maybe temporarily banned. If you don’t like San Jose Pen Island and its community then maybe you should look elsewhere to play.


There are many wonderful, nice, kind, respectful players in our community on Pen Island.

Be warned! If I find you are causing a problem beyond these rules, I will take appropriate actions.





Server Wipe is on the first Thursday of the month.

Server wipe time varies depending on when Face Punch releases the Update.

Steps for server wipe;

1 – Multiple Servers are shutdown.

2 – Multiple Servers are updated.

3 – Server Config and descriptions are edited.

4 – Rustpen website is updated to reflect server updates, current prize winners, list new prizes, ect.

5 – Servers are brought online.

6 – Pen Island Discord is updated.

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